Guiding principles

OÜ Hansacom Guiding principles 2022

In order to satisfy the needs of stakeholders and save the environment, OÜ Hansacom undertakes the following:

    1. Satisfy customers’ requirements and increase their credibility through transparency of operations
    2. Prevent environmental pollution
    3. Raise the environmental and occupational safety awareness of employees and partners
    4. Provide employees with a sense of security, satisfaction, feasibility and awareness
    5. Conserve natural resources and prevent pollution, in particular through the proper treatment of different types of waste
    6. Be flexible and keep up with changing market trends
    7. Continuously improve the effectiveness of the management system and environmental performance
    8. Comply with legislation and other requirements applicable to the company
    9. Use environmentally friendly technologies, impregnation chemicals, mechanisms and materials
    10. Contribute to the conservation of forests
    11. Control risks, avoid or reduce the adverse effects of hazards where possible