Autoclaving of wood by autoclaving. Terrace and facade tables in severe weather conditions

This is an autoclave method wherenatural linseed oil is heated to +65 C under vacuum in the wood surface. When cooled, linseed oil adheres strongly to the pores of the wood and a water-repellent protective layer is formed.

This treatment results in a terrace or cladding table

  • water repellent effect
  • protection against fungal rot
  • UV protection
  • dimensional stability
  • the original structure and environmental friendliness of the wood is preserved
  • wood can be given different water-repellent colors such as graphite brown, gray, dark brown, brown, dark red, yellow

It is also important to know that wood protected by the autoclave method is treated with hot oil on all sides and the colors are long lasting.
The advantage of the vacuum and pressure method is the thoroughness and speed of processing.

Thermal lubrication can be performed on all wood materials:

  • cladding boards
  • terraces
  • garden furniture
  • spruce, pine and hardwood
  • thermal wood, larch, tropical wood, etc.

Regardless of the type of wood, all types of unprotected wood will sooner or later turn gray in the sun, and microcracks and damage can occur.
One of the best solutions to prevent this is to heat the wood by autoclaving.